New York Times – What It Was Like to Compete Against Roger Ailes and Fox News

July 25, 2016
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Dan wrote a piece for the New York Times on Roger Ailes, the CEO and founding leader of Fox News, upon his recent resignation to reflect upon his unique approach to news and the media. Dan recalls the outset of his job as general manager of MSNBC – a job that begged him to step up to the plate and surpass the expectation of those who deemed him under-qualified.  Newly promoted, Dan spent hours scrutinizing Fox News hoping to gain the inspiration he unyieldingly sought to elevate MSNBC to new and exciting heights – the audacious and innovative example set by Ailes guided him to do just that.


Read the full story here.

New York Times Invents Stephen Colbert-Hummus ‘Controversy’

September 15, 2015
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CaptureWith the debut of Stephen Colbert’ s newest gig, the New York Times really thought they were onto something. Dan wrote an article for  on the absurdity of The Times claim via reporter and blogger Robert Mackey, that Colbert secretly plugged a Palestinian effort called “B.D.S” (Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions) why promoting the show’s sponsor Sabra Red Pepper hummus. Dan wrote, “Alas, maybe this piece, like Colbert’s shameless plug, was demanded by an evil ancient amulet. But in this case, that amulet might just be a particular bias at the paper of record.”  Read the full article here.


Dan and White Street Profiled in The New York Times

July 17, 2015
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nytThe New York Times featured a profile on Dan and his restaurant, White Street, in their Style section on July 15th. It not only highlighted Dan as a, now single, father and was entitled “The Doting Dad Side of Dan Abrams.”, but it also delves into the restaurant partnership between Dan and longtime friend, Dave Zinczenko. “Last September, Mr. Abrams and Mr. Zinczenko switched gears by opening White Street in TriBeCa,” the article writes,  “In the evenings, the soaring space is defined by Venetian mirrors and velvet drapes. On the weekends, it morphs into a skylit brunch spot with a V.I.P. lounge for children.”  The author spent the day with Dan and his family near their home in NYC, “On a dazzling Friday afternoon, Everett Floyd Abrams, 3, was racing down the sidewalk in the West Village, neatly steering past pedestrians. Pedaling a pint-size bike with training wheels, his duckie-blond hair nearly hidden by his helmet, he was headed west on Grove Street. Running flat-out behind him was his father, the journalist Dan Abrams, ready for action in a baseball cap and high-tops.” Read the full article here.

Dan on Sofia Vergara’s Embryos Fight With Ex

May 1, 2015
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CaptureDan joined the Good Morning America team and HLN’s Nancy Grace, on Friday, May 1st to discuss the latest in the battle over Sofia Vergara’s frozen embryos. Her ex fiance, Nick Loeb, wants to keep them and is suing her to preserve the embryos telling the New York Times, “our frozen embryos have a right to live”. What does Dan have to say? “Look, this is not a closed case, as far as I’m concerned. I had to look it up and find out what it is…It made it very clear in this document that they both have to agree to move forward. And B, the only cases where the courts have ever said, we’re going to effectively force one person to be a parent against their will is in those really extreme cases.” Watch the full clip here.