Dan Abrams on Trump: Media Must Take Him Seriously and Call Facts, Facts

December 7, 2015
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abramsDan Abrams appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Sunday, December 6th where he told Brian Stelter that the media should stop treating Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a “clown” and start treating him as what he is — the GOP front-runner. “We have to start, in the media, treating Donald Trump as the Republican front-runner. A lot of the media don’t want to do that,” said Abrams. “A lot of them still want to treat him like a clown, like a reality show guy.”Read the full story and watch a clip here.

Dan on CNN Reliable Sources: June 21, 2015

June 23, 2015
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abramsDan joined CNN’s Brian Stelter on ‘Reliable Sources’, Sunday, June 21st to discuss the repercussions of Brian Williams’ new job handling breaking news on MSNBC. Dan commented, “As a practical matter, I think it’s a really smart move, for them to have a big name, a big face, who does this stuff really well, leading breaking news coverage, which MSNBC really needs to start doing.” Watch the full episode here.

Dan On CNN: February 10, 2015

February 11, 2015
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CaptureDan appeared on CNN to discuss NBC’s recent decision to suspend Brian Williams for six months due to his exaggerated stories from the Iraq War. Dan joined CNN’s Don Lemon as well as Brian Stelter, to discuss NBC’s statement from regarding Williams and although it says they think Williams “deserves a second chance” Dan doesn’t necessarily think they mean from NBC. Dan also makes a point to say what an integral part Williams plays for NBC news on and off air, suggesting the decision was probably not made in haste. Watch the full clip here.