Don Lemon says Dan Abrams is Politically “Center-Right” While Megyn Kelly calls Dan “Center-Left,” Who’s Right?

May 7, 2021


Don Lemon calls Dan Abrams politically center-right

Megyn Kelly calls Dan Abrams politically center-left


Everyone views things through a personal lens that has been shaped by their own experiences, thoughts, and beliefs. Two different people can look at the exact same situation, but see completely different things. Dan Abrams, media entrepreneur and host of SiriusXM’s “The Dan Abrams Show” knows this just as much as anyone. When Don Lemon, author and CNN anchor, joined Dan’s show last week to discuss his new book “This is The Fire: What I Say to My Friends About Racism,” Don called Dan’s political leanings center-right. However, this is the exact opposite stance that attorney and journalist, Megyn Kelly, took when Dan joined her podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show”, back in January. On Megyn’s podcast she introduced Dan as politically center-left. The question is, who is right?

On Dan’s daily radio show he gets callers from all sides of the political spectrum, but how those listeners view Dan depends on their own beliefs. Those who tend to lean right say he’s more left-leaning, whereas those who tend to lean left say the exact opposite. The Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly situation highlights this to a tee. While Don defined himself as politically center on Dan’s show and Megyn stated on hers that she doesn’t know how to classify herself in today’s climate, it’s clear the two view Dan differently. Why is this?

On Megyn Kelly’s podcast, Dan and Megyn discussed a number of topics from impeachment, to censorship, to partisanship in the media. Dan took the stance that former President Trump’s comments on the election are a flat out lie and defended Facebook and YouTube’s right to moderate who uses their platforms based off a standard set of rules, views some may say are left-leaning. However, he also took the stance that there needs to be more political diversity in mainstream media, specifically in regards to adding more conservative voices, and that anchors and journalists need to admit their often left-leaning biases. Dan and Megyn also discussed Parler and its ban from many mainstream servers, such as Amazon. While Dan stated he believes the private companies had the right to remove Parler due to their moderation polices, he also believes if they were to revise those policies, they should be allowed back, as it’s important for everyone to have a platform. Many on the left view these stances as right-leaning.

When Don joined Dan’s radio show, they discussed policing, race, and journalism. While Dan is outspokenly pro-law enforcement, he also recognizes there are real issues in America regarding policing and racial bias. Depending on where you lie on the political spectrum, you may view this opinion as contradictory, but two things can be true at the same time. Dan stressed the importance of looking at every situation on a case-by-case basis, and evaluating the facts, not just the emotion. Lemon and Abrams also discussed journalism in the context of former President Donald Trump. Dan stated he found it frustrating having to constantly fact check President Trump’s lies, specifically regarding his legal arguments. He noted that if you listened only to his commentary on President Trump, you may think of him as a “lefty,” but he disputes the idea that “telling the truth about the lies Donald Trump told” makes you a liberal.

On both shows, Dan expressed opinions that some may view as liberal and some may view as conservative. Where you stand on that spectrum likely depends on your own political beliefs. When everyone has a different opinion of what is left, what is moderate, and what is right, how do we determine the truth? Is there a truth? Maybe there is no answer, but the question remains.

Law&Crime Continues to Expand After an Unprecedented Year of Growth

February 4, 2021
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Axios Covers Law&Crime Network's Planned International Expansion and Podcast NetworkAfter its most profitable year on record, Law&Crime is continuing to grow with plans for overseas expansion and a new podcast network. Created by Dan Abrams, Law&Crime is the biggest property within the Abrams Media empire. Axios’ Sara Fischer covered the companies’ enormous growth, noting that in 2020 Law&Crime brought in $13 million in revenue, a huge jump from the less than $3 million brought in in 2019. 

Law&Crime, originally founded in 2016 as a legal news website, launched its 24/7 live trial channel in 2017 with the help of an undisclosed investment stake from A&E. Since then, the 55 person company has been on an upward growth trajectory. The network, which currently streams on most OTT platforms including Sling, Philo, and Xfinity, is currently in talks to expand its app availability to smart TVs outside of the U.S. and Canada. 

As a linear channel, Law&Crime has partnered with cable systems, such as VerizonFIOS and Blue Ridge Communications, to bring the live network to 25 million households. The channel is already available in some areas in the Caribbean, and, according to Axios, has “plans to expand to other English-speaking countries in the coming months.”

Law&Crime’s programming includes a variety of content surrounding the day’s most interesting legal and true crime cases. The network features live trial coverage, top legal analysis, celebrity crimes, and more. Its trial coverage has proved to be very lucrative for the company, as the footage can be used for multiple projects. “We use every piece of the trial,” Abrams told Axios. “We own the IP. We cover trials live, and then we can then use the material for other productions. We sometimes end up getting licensing fees from others looking to build off of the material for documentaries.”

Law&Crime’s production arm has started producing content for other media entities as well, such as Facebook, Vice, and Lifetime. One of Law&Crime’s top series, Killer Cases, was sold to linear channels internationally in areas such as Poland, the U.K, Gemany, and Africa.

In addition to its television network and digital website, which currently gets about 6 million unique views per month, Law&Crime is continuing its expansion into the world of podcasting. After making their first podcast deal to co-produce the popular criminal case and trial series, Court Junkies, in 2019, Law&Crime plans to add at least 5 new podcasts to its lineup. Objections: With Adam Klasfeld is one of those podcasts, launched on January 26th of this year. The show features Investigative Reporter Adam Klasfeld as he talks viewers through the top legal cases of the week.

The full article on Law&Crime’s unprecedented growth in 2020 can be read on Axios here.



Law&Crime is the only linear and OTT network providing 24/7 coverage of court trials, true crime, celebrity justice, and expert legal analysis. Created by attorney and TV’s top legal commentator, Dan Abrams, Law&Crime aims to provide honest, compelling, and common sense legal analysis to an often complicated world of law.


Abrams Media owns and operates a successful suite of media properties that reaches tens of millions of users each month. Founded in 2009 by Dan Abrams, Chief Legal Correspondent for ABC News and host of The Dan Abrams Show on Sirius XM, the properties include, Law&Crime Network,, and, among others.

Ari Melber Discusses the Robert Mueller Investigation on ‘The Dan Abrams Show’

March 22, 2019
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Attorney General William Barr may soon receiveRobert Mueller’slong-awaited report. This week, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber joins The Dan Abrams Show to discuss what to expect.

While speculation abounds, the public may not get to see the final report.

The Special Counsel’s Office has specific regulations on what needs to be communicated to the Attorney General upon conclusion of an investigation. The Attorney General will receive a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel.

There is no subsequent obligation to release the report to the public, however the Attorney General may make that decision if he determines it to be in the public interest.

On that vein, Dan Abrams and Melber question why Donald Trump seems to have changed his tune by advocating for the release of the report to the public.

“Whitaker I think might have said to him ‘you’re good’” Abrams says. “And what does ‘you’re good’ mean?” Melber responds. “The bar is so low that ‘this will not force you out of office’ may have been communicated to him…Donald Trump may say ‘even if this report says x number of terrible facts about people around me, if I’m good…the rest of it is fine.’”

On the subject of what the report may actually contain, the answer may be even more ambiguous. Melber lays out four possibilities:

“I think there are four ways this can go down…one, there are further indictments, and rather than some report, those indictments tell us big new things and they’re in the public record. Two, there is no report whatsoever, Mueller finishes, says he’s done, congress is notified under the rules, and that’s it. Number three, there is a spare report, hey, we indicted these people, it’s a list of names, we already knew that. We investigated these people, maybe they’re redacted, and we’re done. And door number four is there’s some voluminous report.”

Listen above, via PodcastOne.

Hosts Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin and Tom Morris Jr. Talk ‘Live PD’ on The Dan Abrams Show

March 15, 2019
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The Dan Abrams Show: Where Politics Meets The Law this week showcases three of the best law enforcement experts on cable television.

Co-host Sean Larkin, who started as a patrol officer and member of the Gang Unit of the Tulsa Police Department, was often broadcast on Live PD. He quickly become a fan — and host — favorite.

Larkin says the attention he receives as an officer is many times amplified by the popularity of Live PD, but Dan is not convinced that’s all.

“These are many women who are saying ‘Hey, did you see that cop over there, he’s a sexy police man.’”

The other co-host is Tom Morris Jr., former America’s Most Wanted senior correspondent and Washington DC special police officer, who joined the show without fully realizing what he signed onto. In the podcast, Morris recounts his first day on set, where he believed the show to be much shorter than its actual runtime.

“As we approached the second hour ending, I said to the studio crew ‘well we’re almost done’ they go ‘uh, no dude, we got another hour’ I said ‘what, this is three hours long?’”

And the three hours of filming twice every weekend requires more than your typical control room producers.

The production of Live PD is very staff and technology heavy. Live PD records and broadcasts numerous police departments across the country. Producers have to monitor all incoming feeds simultaneously and determine which viewers should see. Sean’s unique experience as a patrol officer positions him to lead in-depth discussions of the filming experience on the ground and in studio.  Larkin explained:

“To have somebody stationed in your car – there’s a producer, there’s a camera man, and a sound guy…and I had a partner, so it was a very, very packed police car.”

Later, describing the process of broadcasting the show:

“There’s 32 live feeds coming in, I don’t know how many audio feeds that are coming in”

The trio discuss the phenomena of Live PD Nation which has garnered an expansive online fan base; the K9 officers who risk life and safety like their handler counterparts; and the most important contributions Live PD offers viewers and their communities.

The Dan Abrams Podcast March 14th, 2019

March 14, 2019
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Live PD hosts Dan Abrams, Sean “Sticks” Larkin, and Tom Morris Jr. discuss their law enforcement backgrounds and how they worked their way to the number one show on cable on Friday and Saturday Nights.

The Dan Abrams Podcast March 7th, 2019

March 7, 2019
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Law & Crime’s Dan Abrams discusses the importance of the two indictments against Russians against and what implications they hold, if any, for the Trump campaign. Former US Attorney & Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Department of Justice Harry Litman talks Adam Schiff’s comments, and what direct evidence of collusion the Mueller investigation may have.

The Dan Abrams Podcast February 28th, 2019

February 28, 2019
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Former federal prosecutor for the SDNY and current NBC & MSNBC legal analyst Mimi Rocah joins Dan to discuss Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

The Dan Abrams Podcast February 22nd, 2019

February 22, 2019
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Dan and Renato Mariotti discuss the New York Times Matthew Whitaker story. Mariotti breaks down the difference between legal analysts on major news networks.

The Dan Abrams Podcast February 13th, 2019

February 13, 2019
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Dan Abrams and Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade discuss Burr’s comments on the Senate Intelligence Committees investigation. They take a look at the Mueller investigation and Paul Manafort’s impact on the image of Trump’s campaign.

The Dan Abrams Podcast January 31st, 2019

January 31, 2019
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Dan analyzes the Roger Stone indictment and brief press conference following Stone’s early-morning arrest.

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