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White Street Named #2 Best Restaurant In NYC For “Celebrity Sightings”

October 12, 2015

CaptureEveryone loves a good celebrity sighting ( it’s like a seeing a dog walk on it’s hind-legs!) So where are some of the best spots in NYC to run into your favorite celebs? Well, wheretraveler.com  complied a list of the 10 best restaurants to get a glimpse of an A-lister on our little island of Manhattan, and coming in at #2 is none other than White Street. The article writes, “Word has it, over the past year, Eddie Redmayne, Christian Slater, Chelsea Clinton, Gabourey Sidibe, the ladies of The View, and even Madonna have stopped by the elegant eatery” … not to shabby! I’d say if it’s good enough for Madonna it’s good enough for us! Cheers!

Hello to RunwayRiot.com !

October 7, 2015
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CaptureAbrams Media has announced the launching of a new site: RunwayRiot.com. The new fashion site is dedicated to an often underrepresented and underappreciated group of women – those who wear larger sizes. The site will feature the hottest and latest trends, news, opinions and shapelier women who are proud of their size. The face of the site is a world renowned model Iskra Lawrence who is committed to changing the fashion world, “I want to leave a lasting legacy that makes all the designers step up. Why aren’t they dressing us women? They’re making us feel like we’re lesser than the women who are slim because that’s meant to be beautiful. We can use this platform to educate young girls so they’re not worried about their insecurities.” The site will launch in mid-November but you can sign up now on the landing page right here. Also get more on the site from Styleite.com .

Even Israel Condemns ‘Jewish Terror,’ Yet Obama Admin Still Can’t ​Do Same for ‘Islamic Terror​’

August 4, 2015
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Dan wrote a piece for Mediaite on the Obama Administration and its avoidance of the phrase “Islamic terrorism” over the years when describing acts of terror committed in the name of Islam. Dan writes, “By refusing to attribute any blame to even “radical Islam” for ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban or Boko Haram inspired horrors — intended to create fear and terror by people who openly and publicly do so in the name of Islam — the administration seems to hope it can ​camouflage reality.” Read the full piece here.


Somehow “Seinfeld” Remains As Relevant as Ever On Mediaite and Elsewhere

March 16, 2015
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It is hard to believe that the show Seinfeld ended 17 years ago. It’s even harder to believe how often it is still mentioned, discussed and used as a cultural reference. In fact, in the past three months there were 15 mentions of it on Mediaite.com. This past week, Mediaite covered the intense competition to air the Seinfeld reruns between Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo. For a 17 year old show, that is pretty astounding. But it is the regular references in pop culture and elsewhere that are even more striking. From Larry David still defending the finale, to a killer who may have been influenced by the show, to Dan’s neighbor being compared to “Newman,” …What is it about the show that makes it so timeless? Well the characters were certainly unique but yet, at the same time so familiar to many of us in one way or another. Additionally,  it also ran for 9 years ( and continues to rerun) so it became part of the lexicon of a generation. Whatever the reason, here is to Seinfeld and its enduring legacy!

So Is Mediaite Conservative or Liberal?

March 10, 2015
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CaptureDan recently penned an article for Mediaite.com on the debate over whether Mediaite is a “conservative” or “liberal” site. Multiple cable news hosts including Rachel Maddow, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity have been weighing in and their opinions are not consistent. On one end, Maddow pronounces on MSNBC that Mediaite is a “conservative website” and then on the other side O’Reilly is calling it a liberal site. Dan jokes in the piece ” It’s a full blown Mediaite identity crisis!”. So then what is it?  Dan writes, “I have always attempted to encourage a mix of political views on the site and yet there is no question that with each different group​ of writers that equation shifts a bit. It’s impossible to be right down the middle particularly on a site that encourages​​ ​opinion… There have been times when I ​thought the site ​wa​s slightly too conservative and other times when I feared it had become a bit ​too liberal… But regardless of whether one views Mediaite as left or right of center, its silly (or blinded) to just claim we are a “liberal” or “conservative” site.” Well there you have it… you can read the entire piece here.

Conservative Blogs Explode over ‘Report’ Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Planes

March 2, 2015
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Dan wrote an article for Mediaite.com on the internet aftermath of a false ‘report’ that President Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes. Many major publications jumped on the story when the source that reported this was a little far-fetched. Dan makes a solid point saying, “It may fit with a particular perspective of President Obama but that doesn’t mean it comports with any sense of reality.” Read the full story here.


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Mediaite Breaks Traffic Record Again in February

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CaptureMediate has broken traffic records yet again this month! In the shortest month of our year the team of writers and editors shattered the previous month’s record by nearly a 250,000 visitors. Although February did have quite a big of media drama the biggest story on the site happened to be about a Hillary Clinton tweet. Dan commented, “The site has always been more about examining politics and news, but through the much more entertaining media prism.” Dan wrote a little congratulatory article (that is also pretty funny) here.


Dan Writes About Media’s Infatuation with Itself, Even in Death and Doom

February 16, 2015
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Dan wrote a piece for Mediaite.com  about the recent drama in the media world and the media’s obsession with itself. 2015 has already proven to be a tumultuous year so far for those in the media business. In less than two months the television and news world has been turned upside down between Brian Williams’ “fall from grace” to the sudden deaths of David Carr and Bob Simon, as well as Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show. While these events did have some major impact and repercussions, Dan notes the amount of media coverage devoted to such topics that probably wouldn’t have occurred had these individuals not worked in media.  Dan asks, “If Carr had been a pioneering finance writer or art critic would he have received anywhere near this amount of mainstream media coverage? Of course not.” He also adds an interesting call- out, “Us media types often take issue with political figures, business leaders and even entertainment titans who view the world through a narrow, self-centered prism. Yet who is there to call us out when we are guilty of the same crime?” Read the full piece here.

NYC Now Considering Civil Legal Aid For Low Income Residents

February 11, 2015
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Just over a month ago Dan wrote an article detailing how his own personal legal battle reminded him of certain flaws in the civil law system. In it he describes his firsthand experience of money playing a huge factor in a decision whether to sue, he stated, “The facts became secondary to a far more frightening but obvious reality that money can pervert justice.” While Dan didn’t seem too concerned about his own “trivial” fracas, he pointed out how lucky he is to have the luxury to decide whether its worth pursuing.  He asked, “What about those who face the daunting prospect of enormous legal fees in real and important cases when the other side has no financial limits?” Well New York City may soon be proposing a possible solution.  At the NYC State of the City Speech on Wednesday, February 11th. City Council Speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, announced a new proposal to assist low-income New Yorkers’ needing access to legal representation. She stated this would be accomplished through the creation of a new office called the “Office of the Civil Justice Coordinator”. Much like Dan’s recent piece published on Mediaite.com, it highlights the difficulty low-income individuals have getting the legal advice and resources they need. She stated,  “Each year more than a million low-income New Yorkers who need civil legal help don’t get it.”

‘Off with His Head’: The Obsession to Bring Down Brian Williams

February 9, 2015
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CaptureDan wrote an article for Mediaite.com on the recent media revolving around NBC’s Brian Williams. Williams is under fire for allegedly reporting false statements and fabricating important details while reporting on a variety of stories during his time at NBC’s Nightly News. While Dan is not defending Williams, he does make a point not to disregard all of the positive work he has done in the past. Dan states, “The problem for Brian is that unlike an opinionated cable news host who might have an army of like-minded supporters prepared to fight the social media war, a network news anchor’s support these days is inevitably going to be far less passionate, even for Brian. They may like and appreciate him but few are going to be prepared to do “battle” for him.” Read the full piece here.



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