Trump’s Attack on Hispanic Judge Not a Two Sided Issue Requiring Media ‘Balance’

June 7, 2016
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Donald Trump recently claimed that having Judge Gonzalo Curiel, a Hispanic judge, preside over one of the lawsuits against Trump University, is somehow biased against Trump. Trump went on to say that even a Muslim judge might be unfit to hear a case against him as well, a comment denounced by the vast majority of Republican leaders for being bigoted and undermining the judicial system. Dan recently wrote an article for  on this issue NOT requiring media balance or an objective light, he commented, “In certain cases, the two sides are much simpler: right and wrong. In those relatively rare cases, it should be the media’s obligation and duty to shed the veneer of “objectivity” and specifically and vociferously call it what it is. Wrong. Donald Trump‘s claim that Judge Gonzalo Curiel, presiding over one of the lawsuits against Trump University, is somehow biased against him because he is “Mexican”(born in Indiana of course) is one of those cases.” Read the full article here.


If Hillary’s Not Charged, Don’t Dare Accuse FBI Director Comey of Politicization

May 10, 2016

Dan wrote an article for about the ongoing Hillary Clinton email scandal. Media reports are stating the FBI has not found criminal wrongdoing in the investigation of her email server, thus far. Dan writes, “As I have explained before, criminal wrongdoing can and should not be equated with doing wrong. Based on what we know now, I believe Clinton is only guilty of the latter but who knows what the investigation uncovers.” Dan continues to analyze the ongoing situation in his piece; read the full article here.


Dan Comments on ‘Dora the Explorer’ Actress in Vaping Lawsuit

April 20, 2016

Dan appeared on Good Morning America, April 13th to discuss 15-year-old Fatima Ptacek, the voice behind Dora, who is now named in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan civil court. The AP reports that the case, brought by Nadia Leonelli and Fredrik Sundwall, alleges that Ptacek encouraged their 14-year-old daughter last December to join her in using a vaping pen to in a bathroom at a private New York school. “The parents are basically saying the school violated its own rules and it’s so unfair they should be forced to readmit their daughter,” Dan commented. Dan added, “’I was discriminated against because I’m not a celebrity’ is a very difficult legal argument to make.” Watch the full segment here.

Mediaite Breaks Traffic Record in March

April 4, 2016
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mediaiteBig congratulations to and! Both sites had a banner month this March with Mediaite breaking a traffic record and LawNewz surpassing 1 million visitors (in only its second month!) Mediaite welcomed a whopping and record 7.7 million unique visitors and the site gave a shout out to Managing Editor Jon Nicosia as well as the whole Mediaite team. Check out more details here. Breaks 500,000 Unique Visitors

March 1, 2016
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Congratulations tCaptureo! In its inaugural month, the newest Abrams Media site has welcomed over 500,000 unique visitors. With just two full time staffers and a few part-time freelancers, the site has more than doubled Mediaite’s first full month back in August of 2009 and continues to grow. covers the legal angles of some of the biggest stories of the day and it has truly taken the publishing scene by storm. Dan writes, “Thank you to our viewers and readers and watch out because March has a full 31 days!”

Weil Gotshal Chairman Barry Wolf Subpoenaed to Testify in Lawsuit

February 12, 2016
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There have been some questions asked about the status of Dan’s lawsuit with his condo board which we have followed here. As a quick reminder, Dan was forced to sue after his tiny board (of three people) repeatedly refused to allow Dan to make certain renovations to his own apartment and, Dan alleges, improperly charged him for all of the board’s legal fees in connection with their dispute. Dan also alleges they engaged in self-dealing and made decisions in bad faith to benefit themselves.
One of the issues raised by Dan was the fact that board member Adam Hemlock, a partner at the law firm Weil Gotshal & Manges, repeatedly sent emails about the condo dispute (including efforts to collect legal fees and a threat to sue Dan) from his Weil Gotshal email address with the firm logo prominently displayed. If Weil Gotshal was not involved in the lawsuit and Hemlock was using the Weil Gotshal name and logo as leverage for his personal business that would, Dan argues, at the very least violate ethical protocols any lawyer should abide by. Dan even filed a bar complaint, his first ever, against Hemlock.
Dan has repeatedly tried to settle but to no avail. So the lawsuit is now moving to the discovery phase. Among the important and relevant questions that will now be answered: what role, if any, has the massive Weil Gotshal firm been playing in Dan’s dispute with his tiny condo board? Dan wrote to firm chairman Barry Wolf in an effort to find out well before the case was filed, but only received an email from Hemlock (who was cced) in reply demanding that Dan refrain from writing to anyone at the firm. While Wolf did not reply at the time, Weil Gotshal has now been served with a subpoena seeking access to relevant information from the firm’s email servers and Wolf has been called to testify in the matter. This may finally shed light on the firm’s role in this tedious lawsuit and Hemlock’s use or misuse of the firm’s size and power to try to muscle his neighbor.

Dan on ‘Making A Murderer’

January 20, 2016
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mamDan has kicked off  LawNewz with a bang commenting on the Steven Avery case as well as the Brendan Dassey case from the hit Netflix documentary series, “Making A Murderer”. The true crime docu-series has struck a nerve with the public and has taken social media by storm, so Dan evaluated the evidence to weigh in on the guilt or innocence of Avery and Dassey. He writes, “Not since the OJ Simpson case brought the nation to a virtual standstill, has the American public so fiercely and antagonistically debated facts, procedures and testimony in a state murder trial”. Dan goes on to analyze the facts and evidence of the case and concludes (as the title of the article suggests) “Avery Absolutely Guilty But Dassey Innocent”. Read the full piece here. 

Dan Launches

January 19, 2016
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CaptureDan has just launched his latest website,! The site aims to be the only place on the internet to offer real-time legal analysis on the top stories of the day. Dan commented , “This is a site a longtime in the making after all my entire professional career has been focused on covering high-profile cases,”. The site will livestream big court cases, play-by-play updates on high-profile criminal trials and bring you the very latest on celebrities who find themselves in legal trouble. Explore the new site today!

Attorney Adam Hemlock Sued for Breach of Fiduciary Duty

November 25, 2015
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Adam Hemlock, a partner at the New York law firm Weil Gotshal and Manges, has been sued by Dan in New York State Supreme Court. It is the first lawsuit Dan has ever filed and one that according to Dan, he has been “trying to avoid” for the past two years.

Dan alleges, that Hemlock and Dr. Ronnie M. Hirsh, as two of three board members in their New York City condominium, have sought to prevent Dan from making renovations and safety improvements to his apartment, that he is legally entitled to pursue. Their entire condo is comprised of just 7 people, and apparently Hirsh and Hemlock have enormous amounts of free time to spend attempting to stymie Dan’s efforts to upgrade his apartment. According to the lawsuit, the upgrades, which included  renovating a balcony and repairing ​and renovating ​a garden and cellar, would only have a positive impact, on ​and for, ​his neighbors.

The New York PostAbove The LawBusiness Insider, and Law 360,  among others covered the filing in which Dan describes Hemlock’s behavior as “bizarre and seemingly irrational.” Many of the legal publications focused on the fact that Hemlock, (either intentionally, recklessly or just foolishly) used his Weil Gotshal email address to threaten Dan with legal action.

Mediaite also covered the lawsuit, ​as it was connected to a previous story Dan had written about the problems with the civil law system:

In that context he discussed how he was reminded of this reality by his own “tedious” ​experience with the legal system in fighting with his tiny condo board. A battle he characterized as “nothing like” the real challenges so many face in the justice system and instead just “a squabble amongst relatively wealthy neighbors over condo renovations. The details as absurd as they are mundane.”

At the time Dan wrote the piece it seemed unlikely that he would file: “I have to decide if I’m prepared to pay enormous legal fees out of pocket for a lawsuit while they hand over their bills to an insurance carrier.”

Well, he has apparently decided to pay those fees to try to achieve the justice he feels he is entitled to, and to hold Hemlock and Hirsh accountable.

“I spent two years trying not to file this lawsuit,” ​Dan​ told Law360. “This dispute doesn’t involve groundbreaking legal issues, but I can’t sit back and watch them create their own set of rules, so I’ve asked a judge to enforce the actual rule of law.”

Welcome to Runway Riot!

November 19, 2015
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runwayToday is the day! The launch of has arrived! RunwayRiot is the ultimate fashion site for women of all sizes who are proud of their style and their bodies.  The managing editor is none other than the world renowned model, Iskra Lawrence. Lawrence was the face of American Eagle and Aerie and was recently profiled in People Magazine as well as Business Insider. Her mission? To change the fashion game and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. So check out and #jointheriot on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy 🙂

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